Members of our research team and collaborators are listed below.

UIHI Lab Director

CV    -    Bio

Ibrahim Demir

Assistant Professor, CEE, ECE
Associate Research Faculty, IIHR
Faculty Affiliate, UI3, IFC, CGRER, MATC
University of Iowa

300 S. Riverside Dr
Iowa City, IA 52246-1585, US
+1 (319) 335-5780 (office)
+1 (319) 335-5238 (fax)

Open Positions

Students and Postdocs

We are always looking for students and postdocs with strong programming skills, especially in JavaScript, Python, Database, Web Systems, Mobile Applications, GIS, OpenGL/WebGL. Applicants to NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP) and NSF Earth Sciences Postdoctoral Fellowships (EAR-PF) are welcome to contact us for support.

We have several openings for Masters and PhD Graduate Research Assistantshipsfor our lab.

Researchers and Postdocs

Jerry Mount

Senior Researcher, PhD

Graduate Students

M. Yusuf Sermet

Graduate Student, PhD, ECE

Haowen Xu

Graduate Student, PhD, CEE

Enes Yildirim

Graduate Student, PhD, CEE

Zhongrun Xiang

Graduate Student, PhD, CEE

Gregory J. Ewing

Graduate Student, PhD, CEE

Yazeed Alabbad

Graduate Student, PhD, CEE

Muhammed Ali Sit

Graduate Student, MS, CS

Peng Chen

Graduate Student, MS, CS

Shobhit Narain

Graduate Student, MS, CS

Part-time Students and Collaborators

  • Yifan He, 2019, MS, CS
  • Bekir Zahit Demiray, 2018-2019, MS, CS (remote)
  • Akshat Gautam, 2018-2019 (intern)
  • Anson Hu, 2018 (intern)
  • Aman Manazir, 2018-2019 (intern)


Graduate / Full-time Students
  • Omar Bin Salamah, 2018, BS, CS, UIOWA
  • Zhongyang Guan, 2017-2018, MS, CS, UIOWA (non-thesis)
  • Dichha Rai, 2016-2017, MS, CS, UIOWA (non-thesis)
  • Mudathir Yahia, 2016-2017, MS, CS, UIOWA (non-thesis)
  • Suleyman Uslu, 2016-2017, MS, CS, UIOWA (now PhD student at IUPUI)
  • Enes Yildirim, 2015-2017, MS, CEE, UIOWA (now PhD student at UIOWA)
  • Haider Hameed, 2015-2017, MS, CS, UIOWA (now at Amazon)
  • Bomo Shen, 2014-2016, BS, CS, UIOWA (now at OmniVista Solutions)
  • Andre D. L. Zanchetta, 2017-2018, Software Developer
  • Samuel Debionne, 2015-2017, Software Developer
  • Osman Sonmez, 2012-2013, PhD, IIHR, UIOWA (visiting)
Part-time Students / Researchers
  • Jeremy M. Ferguson, 2018, High School (intern)
  • Flavia K. R. Hauss, 2018, BS, CEE (intern)
  • Tsutomu Fujisawa, 2017, BS, CS (intern)
  • M. Ali Sit, 2015-2017, BS, CS (intern)
  • Mary B. Windsor, 2015-2017, IIHR (researcher)
  • Paul E. Villanueva, 2016, BS, part-time (intern)
  • Ian Wold, 2014-2015, BS, CS, UIOWA (researcher)
  • M. Yusuf Sermet, 2014, BS, ECE (intern)
  • A.T.M. Saleh, 2014, part-time (remote)
  • Darnell K. Melvin Jr., 2014, BS, ISU (researcher)
  • Ramil Agliamzanov, 2013, BS, ECE (intern)
  • Rachel Cortez, 2013, BS, CEE, UIOWA (researcher)
  • Skeel Lee, 2013, part-time (Google SOC)
  • Hemant Singh, 2013, part-time (Google SOC)
  • Nikhil Upadhye, 2013, part-time (Google SOC)
  • Eric Osgood, 2012-2013, MS, MIE, UIOWA (researcher)
  • Jake Maschoff, 2012, BS, CEE, UIOWA (researcher)
  • Aaron Fisher, 2011, BS, CS, UIOWA (researcher)