UIHI Lab creates engineering products and services for research and operational purposes. Our lab provides engineering development and consulting services to organizations, companies and research groups in areas listed below. Please contact Dr. Ibrahim Demir for any collaboration requests.

Information Systems and Cyber Tools

Design, development and management of information systems, cyberinfrastructure and tools for real-time data management, analysis and communication.

Project Samples:

Intelligent Systems with Voice and AI

Design and development of intelligent systems and application using voice input, machine learning based analysis and communication through chat-bots, mobile applications and smart devices.

Project Samples:

Scientific Visualization and Visual Data Analytics

Design and development of real-time big data visualization and visual data analytics platforms on web based systems with rich graphics and interactive capabilities.

Project Samples:

Web and Mobile Application Development

Design and development of web and mobile applications for data management, analysis and visualization, serious gaming, decision support, and public participation.

Project Samples:

Virtual, Mixed and Augmented Reality Apps and Serious Games

Design and development of applications and games for smartphones, tablets, specialized devices for AR/MR (Magic Leap, Microsoft Hololens, Windows Mixed Reality headsets) and VR (HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR and Odyssey, and many others)

Project Samples: