Hydroinformatics Research

Ongoing Projects

  • ‘Connecting Rural and Peri-urban Farmers to Demonstrate and Disseminate Innovative Nutrient and Sediment Reduction Practices’.
    US EPA, 2019-2022 (co-PI)
  • 'CyberWater - An open and sustainable framework for diverse data and model integration with provenance and access to HPC’.
    NSF CSSI, 2018-2021 (co-PI)
  • 'Improving Data Integration and Exchange for EPA Current Discovery Tool’.
    US EPA, 2018-2020 (PI)
  • 'Water Quality Data Visualization’.
    CHEEC, UIOWA, 2018-2019 (PI)
  • 'An Integrated Big Data Framework for Water Quality Issues in the Upper Mississippi River Basin’.
    NSF Big Data, 2018-2021 (co-PI)
  • 'Integrated Data Framework for Agricultural Flood Damage and Loss Analysis’.
    MBDH, NSF Midwest Big Data Hub – DigitalAg Spoke, 2018-2019 (PI)
  • 'Transfer of the Iowa DOT Culverts Web-Tool Prototype to Iowa DOT Mainframe’.
    IA DOT, 2018-2019 (co-PI)
  • 'Data Visualization of IWA Data and Project Sites’.
    IA HSEMD, Iowa Homeland Security, 2017-2021 (PI)
  • 'Knowledge Discovery, Integration and Communication for Extreme Weather and Flood Resilience Using Artificial Intelligence’.
    Microsoft, AI for Earth Program, 2017-2019 (PI)
  • 'Disaster Route Planning for Floods’.
    MATC, US DOT, 2017-2022 (co-PI)
  • ‘Develop a Hydrologic and Hydraulic Model of the Big Sioux River Basin’.
    SD DENR, South Dakota DNR, 2016-2019 (co-PI)
  • ‘Smart Ag-Practice Forecasting for Interconnected Communities: Supplemental request for BCS #1114978’.
    NSF CNH, 2016-2019 (co-PI)
  • ‘Iowa Watershed Approach for Urban and Rural Resilience’.
    US HUD, Iowa Economic Development Authority, U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Dev., 2016-2021 (co-PI)
  • UIOWA Hackathon’.
    NSF, MBDH, UIOWA, Industry Partners, 2016-2019 (PI)

Completed Projects

  • ‘Iowa Water Quality Information System’.
    Carver Foundation, 2015-2018 (co-PI)
  • ‘A Pilot Project for Cloud-based NEXRAD Data Processing, Analysis, and Visualization for Flood Forecasting and Water Resources Management’.
    Unidata, 2016-2018 (co-PI)
  • ‘EAGER: PPER: Validation and Utilization of a New Tool for Citizen-Led Water Quality Monitoring in Agricultural Watersheds’.
    NSF EAGER, 2017-2018 (co-PI)
  • 'Data Visualization Project for Homeland Security’.
    IA HS, Iowa Homeland Security, 2017-2018 (PI)
  • ‘Decision Support Tool for the Texas Multi-Hazard Tournament’.
    USACE, 2017 (co-PI)
  • ‘Interactive Digital Exhibit with Rainfall and Flood Data and Tools’.
    UIOWA, 2016 (PI)
  • ‘Initial All-Hands Meeting in Digital Agriculture’.
    NSF Big Data, Midwest Big Data Hub, 2016 (co-PI)
  • ‘Prototype Multi-Jurisdictional Decision Making Web Platform for Integrated Water Resources Management: From Interagency Collaboration to Implementation in Iowa-Cedar Watershed (Iowa)’.
    US DoD, Army Corps of Eng., 2014-2016 (co-PI)
  • ‘Improving Visualization and Access to Radar Data using Unidata Tools for Flood Prediction and Management’.
    Unidata, Equipment Awards Program, 2014-2015 (PI)
  • ‘Collaboration with Scientific Visualization Studio (SVS) at Goddard Space Flight Center’.
    NASA, EPSCoR Program, 2013 (PI),
  • ‘Web-based Augmented and Virtual Reality Flood Simulation Platform for Game-based Learning of Hydrological Concepts’.
    UIOWA, Academic Technologies Advisory Council, 2013-2014 (PI)
  • ‘Design and Development of UCF CHAMPS Hydrologic Information System’.
    UCF, University of Central Florida, 2013 (PI)
  • ‘EarthCube Community Workshop: Designing A Roadmap for Workflows in Geosciences’.
    NSF EarthCube, 2012 (co-Chair)
  • ‘Global Water Platform – Phase IA: Planning, design and development of a web-based platform on water and sustainability issues’.
    IWA, International Water Association, 2009-2010 (co-PI)

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