Publications and creative works from our research group are listed below.

Book Chapters

  • Demir, I. Encyclopedia Section, Title: ‘Cyberinfrastructure Systems for Flood Preparedness and Response’ for ‘Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Natural Hazard Science’, Oxford University Press. Edited by Susan L. Cutter et al., 2019. (contracted – in preparation)
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Journal Articles

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Conference Papers (Peer Reviewed)

  1. Sermet, Y., Demir, I., Kucuksari, S., ‘Overhead Power Line Sag Monitoring through Augmented Reality’, IEEE 2018 North American Power Symposium, September 9-11, 2018, Fargo, ND.
  2. Sermet, Y., Demir, I., ‘Flood Action VR: A Virtual Reality Framework for Disaster Awareness and Emergency Response Training’, 15th International Conference on Modeling, Simulation and Visualization Methods (MSV'18), July 30-August 2, 2018, Las Vegas, NV.
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    Additionally, there are 190+ conference abstracts, presentations, and invited talks presented by our group

Technical Publications and Reports

  1. Workshop Report, National Workshop on Developing a Research Agenda for Connected Rural Communities (CR17), September 7-8, 2017, Charlottesville, VA.
  2. Muste, M., Demir, I., Smith, J.T., Hunemuller, T. and Stevenson, M.B., 2017. ‘Prototype Multi-Jurisdictional Decision-Making Web Platform for Integrated Water Resources Management: From Interagency Collaboration to Implementation in the Iowa-Cedar Watershed’, Report G15AP0041, USGS & Insitute of Water Resources, US Army Corps of Engineers, Baltimore, MD.
  3. Demir, I., Yildirim, E., ‘HAZUS Flood Loss and Damage Estimation on the Web’, HAZUS Hotzone Newsletter, September Issue, 2017.
  4. Muste, M., Demir, I., ‘Serious Gaming for Community Engagement in Multi-Hazard Mitigation’, Hydrolink, IAHR, Issue 1, 2017.
  5. Demir, I., Krajewski, W.F., ‘A Novel Cyberinfrastructure System for Integrated Data Collection, Dissemination and Sharing via Web Technologies’, The NHWC Transmission, The National Hydrologic Warning Council (NHWC), October Issue, 2015.
  6. Demir, I. (as contributor), Submitted by Technology and Architecture Committee, ‘EarthCube Strategic Technology Plan’, NSF EarthCube, August 31, 2015.
  7. Richard, S., Demir, I., Arko, A., Fils, D., ‘Standards and Standards Bodies Working Group Proposal’, NSF EarthCube, March 5, 2015.
  8. Krajewski, W., Demir, I., ‘The Iowa Flood Information System Makes Iowans Safer, Better Informed’, Hydrolink, IAHR, Issue 1, 30-31, 2014.
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Software & Tools

  • Web-based Client-side Watershed Delineation Tool (on IFIS) [link]
  • Level II Radar Data Browser [link]
  • Rainfall Product Data Browser [link]
  • Hydrological Simulation System with Virtual and Augmented Reality [link]

    Additionally, there are 100+ cyber tools and visualization applications developed by our group

Cyber Systems

  • Flood AI Alpha - Knowledge Engine [link]
  • NASA SMAP Information System [link]
  • IFIS - Iowa Flood Information System [link]
  • IWQIS - Iowa Water Quality Information System [link]
  • IWAIS - Iowa Watershed Approach Information System [link]
  • Iowa Draft Flood Hazard Maps [link]
  • Iowa Flood Risk Management Maps [link]
  • NASA IFloodS Planning Platform [link]
  • NASA IFloodS Information System [link]
  • Global Water Platform
  • Georgia Watershed Information System

    Additionally, there are 20+ cyber sub-systems for many agencies and partners