Decision Support Tool for the Texas Multi-Hazard Tournament

The Multi-Hazard Tournament (MHT) serious-gaming prototype presented herein is one of the possible paths to engage the community in the planning process by hiding the complexity of the technical aspects and providing a problem-solving environment that is understandable and adaptable to the technical skills of the local watershed stakeholders. The web-based MHT described here is different from conventional decision-making approaches where everyone works on the solution together. The MHT adds a competitive element where teams independently decide between tradeoffs and create the best solution for a particular scenario set in the basin. Teams are challenged to decide how to deal with each hazard-based scenario within the budgetary, temporal, spatial, technical, and regulatory constraints set before them. Teams’ decisions are assigned “scores” by the MHT portal and then presented to the tournament participants for a collective assessment of the appropriateness of their proposed solution.