An Information-Centric Flood Ontology

This paper presents a group of information-centric ontologies that encompass the flood domain while enabling extension to other disasters. Ontologies are the backbone of environmental information systems that allows users to access, analyze, and visualize flood-related data with natural language queries. While forming the ontologies, various resources had been utilized and domain experts had been consulted to achieve a consensual representation of the domain. A UML intermediate is benefited to design the ontology so that it is intuitive to domain associates with little technical background. The intermediate has the ability to extract data model in XMI format to make it parsable by web-based systems. This mechanism enables the easy integration of domain knowledge into any expert system and makes way for voice-enabled question answering systems that can be used through web-based information systems, instant messaging systems, automated workflow systems, home automation devices, and augmented and virtual reality platforms.