IFIS Knowledge Engine

IFIS Knowledge Engine is a computational engine to provide answers to questions grouped into several categories using comprehensive set of tools and data resources available in IFIS. IFIS Knowledge Engine connects to distributed sources of real-time stream gauges, and in-house data sources, analysis and visualization tools. The Iowa Flood Information System (IFIS) is a web-based platform with advanced data integration components, analysis and modeling tools, map layers, and rich geo-spatial visualization interfaces.

The goal of the project is the systematization of data and modeling results on flood related issues in Iowa, and to provide an interface for definitive answers to factual queries. Long-term goal of the knowledge engine is to make all flood related knowledge in Iowa easily accessible to everyone, and provide an educational geo-informatics tool. We aim to integrate and curate all flood related data, implement analytical and visualization tools, and make it possible to compute answers from questions. The architecture of IFIS Knowledge Engine consists of several layers including a web-based user interface, data, application, visualization, mapping and data query layers. Available data resources and knowledge is grouped into categories including weather conditions, flood maps, flood risk, forecast, flood conditions, and data resources. Each query is converted into a question in natural language that allows users to provide a simple input for selected question.

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