UI Hydroinformatics Lab

Research and Community Platform


UIHILab provides resources and information on latest developments in Hydroinformatics (HI) and Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and their applications on many science and engineering areas. Recent application areas in our lab includes hydrology, water resources and quality, environmental engineering, disaster preparedness, recovery and response.

UIHILab is established by Dr. Ibrahim Demir (team) at the University of Iowa with many collaborators from around the world. UIHILab is a collaborative community platform bringing researcher and educators together to work on Hydroinformatics projects. UIHILab provides a one-stop resource library on Hydroinformatics.


Office: SHL, Room 314 (on campus)
   100 Stanley Hydraulics Lab
   Iowa City, Iowa 52242

Lab Space: HWTA, Room UIHILab (on campus)
   130 West Harrison St
   Iowa City, Iowa 52240

UIHILab Media:
   Website  -  Twitter  -  YouTube -  GitHub

Research Areas

UIHILab research interests include the following areas:

  • Hydroinformatics & Environmental Information Systems
  • Environmental Informatics
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Intelligent and Knowledge Systems in Geosciences
  • Scientific Visualization & Information Communication
  • Gesture Based Interaction and Motion Control
  • Virtual, Augmented and Immersive Reality Applications
  • Environmental Data Management and Integration
  • Internet Technologies
  • Distributed and Cloud Computing
  • Web Design and Development
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Expert Systems & Soft Computing (Neural Networks, Fuzzy Logic)
  • Optimization Systems & Genetic Algorithms
To learn more about our research projects, please visit projects and publications pages.

Awards & Recognition

The following awards and recognitions are received by Director Dr. Demir or UIHILab research projects:

  • 2023, Robert & Virginia Wheeler Faculty Fellow in Engineering
    College of Engineering at the University of Iowa, University of Iowa
  • 2022, Innovations in Teaching with Technology Awards
    Academic Technologies Advisory Council, University of Iowa
  • 2022, Distinguished Achievement in Publicly Engaged Research Award
    Office of the Vice President for Research, University of Iowa
  • 2022, Early Career Faculty Excellence Award
    College of Engineering, University of Iowa
  • 2021, Innovations in Teaching with Technology Awards
    Academic Technologies Advisory Council, University of Iowa
  • 2020, Finalist, NIST CHARIoT Challenge - Advancing First Responder Communications
    Project: A Holographic Smart Assistant for Flood Preparedness and Response (project supervisor)
  • 2020, Honor Award, American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) 2020 Engineering Excellence Awards (EEA) - "Academy Awards of the Engineering Industry"
    Project: Big Sioux River Flood Information System (project supervisor)
  • 2020, People’s Choice Award, Capture Your Research – Image Competition, UIOWA
    Project: Realistic River Image Generation with Deep Learning (project supervisor)
  • 2020, Recognition, United Nations World Water Development Report 2020
    Water and Climate Change, Paris, UNESCO (highlighted projects from our lab)
  • 2019, Hydrologic Innovation Award, National Hydrologic Warning Council
    Project: Iowa Flood Information System, Iowa Flood Center (contributor – cyber system development)
  • 2019, Preparedness, Technology and Innovation Award
    South Dakota Emergency Management Association (SDEMA)
    Project: Big Sioux River Flood Information System
  • 2019, Acknowledging Excellence, Association of State Floodplain Managers
    Project: Draft Flood Hazard Outreach Program (DNR – contributor – cyber system development)
  • 2019, Tom Lee State Award in Excellence in Floodplain Management
    Association of State Floodplain Managers
    Project: Iowa Bridge Sensor Project (IFC – contributor – cyber system development)
  • 2018, Outstanding Engineering Achievement Award
    South Dakota Engineering Society (SDES)
    Project: Big Sioux River Flood Information System
  • 2018, Recognition, U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Science & Technology Directorate
    Report on Alerting Tactics (highlighted projects from our lab)
  • 2018, Early Career Research Excellence Award
    International Environmental Modeling and Software Society
  • 2018, Product of the Year, ‘Multi-Hazard Tournament’, IWR, USACE (to the project team)
  • 2018, Outreach Award, Association of State Floodplain Managers
    Project: Flood Expert – Artificial Intelligence System for Flooding (project advisor)
  • 2018, Innovation Award, Scientific Visualization Challenge, US Bureau of Reclamation
  • 2017, Runner-up, Top 10, AGU Data Visualization Storytelling Competition
  • 2017, 2nd Place, The Weather Channel SDC Innovation Challenge, Samsung & IBM
  • 2015, Outstanding Reviewer, Environmental Modeling & Software, Elsevier
  • 2015, Runner-up, ESRI Data Viz App Challenge, ‘Make It Rain!’
  • 2015, Excellence Award for Research, College of Engineering, University of Iowa
  • 2014, Invitation, White House Innovation for Disaster Response & Recovery Demo Day
  • 2014, Top 50, Information is Beautiful Awards 2014, Kantar
    Interactive Websites, ‘Iowa Flood Information System’
  • 2013, Innovations in Teaching with Technology Awards
    Academic Technologies Advisory Council, University of Iowa
  • 2012, Award, NSF & Mozilla Foundation Ignite Challenge
    Apps for Next-Generation Networks, Winner, Developer Round 1
  • 2011, Finalist, Interactive Video Games Category
    NSF International Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge

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