UI Hydroinformatics Lab

Research and Community Platform

UIHILab provides resources and information on latest developments in Hydroinformatics (HI) and Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and their applications on many science and engineering areas. Recent application areas in our lab includes hydrology, water resources and quality, environmental engineering, disaster preparedness, recovery and response.

UIHILab is established by Dr. Ibrahim Demir (team) at the University of Iowa with many collaborators from around the world. UIHILab is a collaborative community platform bringing researcher and educators together to work on Hydroinformatics projects. UIHILab provides a one-stop resource library on Hydroinformatics.


Office: SHL, Room 314 (on campus)
   100 Stanley Hydraulics Lab
   Iowa City, Iowa 52242

Lab Space: HWTA, Room UIHILab (on campus)
   130 West Harrison St
   Iowa City, Iowa 52240

UIHILab Media:
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Research Areas

UIHILab research interests include the following areas:

To learn more about our research projects, please visit projects and publications pages.

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